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It fucking pisses me off when these whores make my days and nights of being a P.I. just a bit too fucking difficult. When these bitches decide to sneak behind their husbands back, there are plenty of ways of going about it, some better than others. This cunt of a shit wife was hard to track down but after I installed a GPS receiver to her car I managed to follow her back to her new fucking asshole's place. I set up a few cameras knowing that this putrid piece of shit slut was in fact cheating. The fucking nerve of this horny housewife who can't fuck her husband but can go around fucking other dicks. The hard evidence is here and a proven fact this is what a dumb cheating slut looks like.

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It's a fucked up situation when a man settles down and tries to fucking make something out of his life by marrying the bitch that he, I guess at the time loves or whatever. This case the whore turned out to be exactly that a deceitful whore. She marries this guy for a greencard and once the paperwork is done she immeadeatly starts fucking around. It fucking sickens me and pisses me the fuck off how every fucking slut uses a man to get what they need and then spreads their filthy piece of shit pussy all over the place.

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