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Its a fucked up situation when a man settles down and tries to fucking make something out of his life by marrying the bitch that he, I guess at the time loves or whatever. This case the whore turned out to be exactly that a deceitful whore. She marries this guy for a greencard and once the paperwork is done she immeadeatly starts fucking around. It fucking sickens me and pisses me the fuck off how every fucking slut uses a man to get what they need and then spreads their filthy piece of shit pussy around town. This cunt went as far as fucking some douche bag that looks like a homo. At first it was his appearance that threw me off but looking at the way this whore tossed around her big tits on him in public I knew there was more to it than a day out with her little gay friend. I was right about the little cheating skank.

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8 years ago, I made the biggest mistake of my life and married a fucking whore. Of course, when you actually get married, you don't think your wife is a whore. You're stupid and think everything is gonna be perfect forever. BULLSHIT!!! It didn't take long for that piece of shit to start fucking around. Like an idiot, I believed her stories about being just a friend and all that shit. Until I got suspicious enough to hide cameras in my own bedroom. When I saw her fuck that guy, I couldn't deny anymore. And when you see the footage on my site, you'll see why you should never trust a fucking whore!

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